About Us

AMCA Ltd was registered in 1980 as an importing company and operator of retail outlets . It operated the ‘Mother and Child’ brand with outlets in Rabat and Valletta. ‘Mother and Child’ were importers and retailers of children’s’ clothes, maternity wear and nursery equipment.

In 1997 AMCA Ltd acquired the international franchise – Early Learning Centre. ELC is an iconic brand of educational toys. ELC UK was an independent retailer until 2005, when it was acquired by Mothercare plc. ELC Malta is now part of a worldwide network of 75 franchise stores in 16 countries with more opening all the time.

The philosophy behind ELC toys is that children learn more if they are enjoying what they are doing. Hence they learn more and quickly if they are learning while playing. At Early Learning Centre, we do all we can to help mums help children grow into happy, self-confident people. We create fantastic toys – toys that help develop vital skills, toys that help children get off to the best possible start, and toys that are tremendous fun. All our toys are designed to help children explore the boundaries of their imaginations and creativity , to make learning fun and help children be all they can be.

ELC toys are very well researched and are endorsed by Norland Collage, UK, the prestigious college for nannies. They are also tried and tested by the users themselves – the children. An ELC toy is only signed off if it passes the stringent ‘ child test’ in playschools – where the toy is bashed about as much as necessary ! Furthermore, toy developers ensure that the toy is safe and abides by the strictest safety tests and standards in the E U.

An ELC toys store is a different type of toy shop! It is merchandised in categories so that it is so much easier to find the right toy for the right child. Categories include: Baby and Toddler, Arts and Crafts, Let’s Pretend, Music and learning, Action and Adventure, Puzzles and Games and Sports and Activity.

All ELC toys and equipment have suitably informative packaging. The information includes the age for which the toy is appropriate, as well as developmental icons which indicate the benefits of the toy such as stimulating senses, imagination, hand-to-eye co-ordination etc.
These guidelines are very important when choosing the right toy which would develop the right skills of the child.


Business details:

AMCA Ltd. (C 7841)

Registered office: 61, St Paul’s Street, Rabat RBT1244, Malta

VAT no.: 1038 2109MT