Wooden Trike and Trailer
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Wooden Trike and Trailer


Age range: from 12 months

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Traditional wooden trike with detachable trailer. This colourful trike and trailer are the perfect first trike for any toddler. Both the trike and trailer are made from chunky, durable wood with large non slip wheels.

Three-wheel freedom:
Let’s sit on board, hold on tight and aim straight ahead. Mum and Dad can push us along, or we can use our feet. Soon we’ll be great at balancing and scooting!

Roam the world:
We can drive our trike indoors. Or we can drive our trike outdoors. There are so many new places to explore. We can ride all day, or until our legs are tired. We can always carry some drinks and snacks in the trailer to keep us going.

Trailer of treats:
We can load and unload our toys in the trailer. We can give rides to our teddies, or we can ‘help’ Mum and Dad around the house. Or we could scoot around the garden looking for different plants and animals.

Great for:
Finding new freedom
Getting Mum and Dad to push us along
Carrying all our toys
Discovering lots of new places.


Colours may vary.


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