Wooden Bricks
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Wooden Bricks


Age range: from 12 months
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How tall can you build your tower before it topples over? From the highest skyscraper to the smallest wall and the widest castle, the building possibilities are endless. Your child will love the bright colours and can learn the names of the colours and shapes, and the set is great for social and conversational skills when playing with others too. Handling and carefully stacking the bricks will help reinforce and strengthen fine motor skills and hand-to-eye coordination, and balancing the right shapes on top of each other will help teach cause and effect. Timeless and classic, these wooden bricks will be a firm favourite for years to come.

Pile ’em high:
Let’s stack our bricks as high as the sky- we can find out which shapes make the best towers, before knocking them down again. We always save the best until last.

Tracks and trails:
Shall we try spreading the bricks out on the carpet? We can make paths or mazes, or even snakes or caterpillars.

Great for:
Sorting, stacking, spotting shapes and sizes
Sitting on the floor together, building our ownworld
‘Domino’ -style toppling
Counting the bricks, choosing the colours
Satisfying smashing, such a great sound!
Keeping it in the family- so indestructable, it’ll be with us forever.

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