SmarTfold T5 – Pink
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SmarTfold T5 – Pink


Age range: from 9 months

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SmarTrike® is proud to introduce the Revolutionary Fully Foldable Trike.

The 7 in 1 smarTfold™ is designed for babies from 9 months and grows with the child! It’s designed for easy folding and compact storage.No hassle assembly – no tools required. No dismantling. Just a few clicks and the trike is ready to use.

Traveling? Just a few clicks and the product folds compactly for easy storage in any car and is the perfect, lightweight carry-on for air travel. Smartrike’s unique and sort-after patented Touch Steering® remains a key feature of the smarTfold™ – maneuvers with the lightest touch The mudguard navigator button lets one switch from parent Touch Steering® to child ride-control.

Shock absorbers give baby a 100% comfort ride.

  • Stage 1: Compactly folded trike – opens easily. No assembly. Fits easily in any car.

  • Stage 2: At 9 months baby sits using early stage footrest.

  • Stage 3: At 12 months baby switches to fold-down footrest, sitting comfortably and securely on fully padded, high-back seat with soft-padded safety bar.

  • Stage 4: At 18 months remove canopy as baby grows. Baby enjoys the ride while developing confidence, balance & motor skills.

  • Stage 5: At 24 months attach the pedals, switch navigator button – kids learn to pedal on training trike.

  • Stage 6: At 30 months telescope parent handle closed; product becomes an independent trike that kids pedal by themselves.

  • Stage 7: From 32 months remove high back support. Kids continue their fun-filled rides.

This state-of-the-art Folding Trike™, loaded with features, is set to take the world by storm!

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