Sensory Shapes
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Sensory Shapes


Age range: from 6 months

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With six shapes with different textured surfaces to explore and discover, these colourful shapes are perfect for sensory play. Look at the different shapes, sizes and colours. Reach out and pick a shape – feel the bumps and dips. Squeeze the shapes and roll them across the floor, can you crawl after them? Roll the shapes backwards and forwards with mum or dad. Reaching for and catching the shapes improves hand-to-eye coordination. Hold, grip, turn and explore each soft shape. Some shapes are knobbly – can you feel the different textures? Discover the feel of each shape as you grasp and squeeze. Picking up, exploring, holding and squeezing each shape helps build fine motor skills which are important for dressing and writing. Suitable for children from 6 months. Quick Facts: – 6 shapes to explore and discover – Great for sensory play – Textured surfaces for touching and exploring – Soft and easy to grasp – Reaching for and grasping the shapes improves hand-to-eye coordination

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