Scratch Art – Funny Animals
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Scratch Art – Funny Animals


Age range: from 3 years
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A visual delight for developing artists: Simply scratch away on the matte foil surface with the wooden stylus provided, and uncover a whole new vibrant world hidden right underneath! A wonderful art activity made easier for little ones with wider surfaces and less complicated illustrations; thoughtfully designed to foster proper pencil grasp and formation with practice.

Make dashes, squiggles, crosses, and checks- this beautiful masterpiece will be as intricately detailed as you want it to be, and you will soon discover how even the simplest scratches can cast the most magical effects on your picture!

Once complete, use the split fasteners to connect the corresponding parts together (it’s okay to ask the big people for help!) and create your very own posse of posable paper creatures!

• Pre-writing skills and pencil control
• Creativity and self-expression
• Attention to detail
• Patience and focus
• Confidence and self-esteem

Tentative doodlers may look to the instruction booklet for inspiration; while expert creatives are more than welcome to scratch away to their own works of art!

Set includes: 3 pages of scratch-off designs, 3 pages of coloured parts, 26 fasteners, 10 googly eyes, 1 wooden stylus with rounded tips and 1 step-by-step instructions booklet.

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