Honey Bee Tree Game
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Honey Bee Tree Game


Age range: from 3 years
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Bee careful – pull out the leaves but don’t let the bees wake and drop from the honey pot.

The Honey Bee Tree game is a great game of skill for all the family. Take it in turns to pull the leaves from the tree – but don’t let the bees drop from the tree-top honey pot. If you have the least grumpy bees in your tray from the honey bee tree, you’re the winner.

Quick facts:
•A game of skill for all the family
•Remove the leaves without letting bees drop from the honey pot
•For 2 to 4 players
•Suitable for children 3 years

Great for your child’s development:
Honey Bee Tree is an engaging game that will encourage children to use their skill and patience during play. Even the youngest children can play, with bright and colourful components styled from nature – but their skills will improve as they get older. Hand-eye co-ordination is the key to the game, with very simple rules that will enable all children to become involved quickly. A range of other playing ideas are suggested with the game to extend the playing options of the honey bee tree as children grow older.

ELC star quality:
We love this game because of its beautifully moulded components that reflect nature. The cute and sleepy bees sit within a golden hive, nestled in an old oak tree with tactile leaves in shades of green. There are lovely personal touches that can enhance play, such as shouting “Buzz” when a bee drops from the hive. Imagine the bees are asleep and play quietly to get the best effect.

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