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HappyLand Lift Off Rocket


Age range: from 18 months
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The HappyLand astronauts are about to embark on an important mission: to explore the far corners of outer space in search of extraterrestrial life. As commander, it’s your job to give orders to the astonauts and ensure lift off and landing goes smoothly.

Trained to sniff out aliens, the astonauts are also taking their dog along for the ride. Take your seat in the cockpit, countdown until lift off and make the rocket zoom high up into space: the astronauts will be comfortable in their living quarters, complete with a bed and kitchen.

When you finally land on a new planet, one astronaut can drive the space buggy and collect samples while the other takes the dog out for a walk- you might even find an alien hiding in a crater.

Great for imaginative play, your little one will have lots of fun giving the HappyLand Lift Off Rocket characters their own voices and personalities while helping them explore and creating stories and adventures. Playing together encourages your child to start talking and trying new words, and moving the chunky, easy to grip pieces around helps strengthen little fingers.

Includes rocket, 2 HappyLand astronauts, space og, moon buggy, alien and crater.

Quick facts:
-Open up different compartments in the rocket
-Great for encouraging early speaking skills
-Inspires the imagination
-Helps develop hand-to-eye coordination skills and motor skills.

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