Geomag Classic Panels 78pcs
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Geomag Classic Panels 78pcs


Age range: from 5 years

Geomag Panel – discover the world in 3D
Geomag blocks are a toy limited only by your imagination! With their help, you can build countless compositions – magnetic sticks and metal, nickel-plated balls combine in any way, stimulating the creativity of young designers. The magnetic field also allows the structure to move. The blocks are made with Swiss precision, thanks to which the attraction power of magnetic elements does not decrease, and all elements are stable and durable.

Geomag blocks from the Panel series allow you to discover the secrets of geometry.
The individual elements have been designed so that they can be easily combined with each other. With the help of the magnetic force of sticks and balls, skeletons of figures are created, which can be filled with the colored plates included in the set. Small and large constructors will easily build a mini-pyramid or any other shape.
Geomag Panels is an educational toy that will not only provide hours of entertainment, but also help you understand geometry and have a positive impact on manual development.

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