Complete Baking Set
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Complete Baking Set


Age range: from 3 years
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Realistic food mixer and accessories, great for creating recipes and baking your own delicious cakes.

The Complete Baking Set is a collection of fun, bright cookware, perfect for play mixing, whisking, and blending. The working food mixer comes with 13 accessories, including a rolling pin, weighing scale, spatula and measuring jug. It has two modes, manual and automatic, and a red light that comes on when it’s whisking. The two whisks are easily detachable, and the mixer as a whole can be either hand-held or stand-alone – it detaches from its base at the press of a button.

Quick facts:
•Working food mixer with 13 accessories
•Switch on to see the red light
•Mixer has automatic and manual modes
•Detachable whisks
•Set includes kitchen scale, spatula and play cakes

Great for your child’s development:
The Complete Baking Set is a rich source of ideas for your child’s imaginative games. Copying how they’ve seen Mum and Dad cook at home and adding their own spin helps your child understand what really happens when people cook, and means there’s no end of cooking adventures your child can go on, from baking cookies for a teddy tea party to being a TV chef. And pretend baking alongside a friend is a great way for your child to practise their social skills.

ELC star quality:
We love the Complete Baking Set because it’s so realistic, with an electric whisk, rolling pin, measuring jug and other utensils just like the ones we have in the kitchen. So your child’s baking play can be as detailed as real cooking – weighing ingredients, rolling out pastry and turning the delicious cakes out of their tin.

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