Foam Alphabet Playmats
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Foam Alphabet Playmats


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These fun, jigsaw-like foam mats feature push out letters and shapes for little ones to put together.

Features and benefits for ELC Foam Alphabet Playmats

  • 30 x foam mats
  • Push-out letters and shapes
  • 26 letters of the alphabet
  • 4 different shape mats
  • Mats slot together
  • Great for a soft play area
  • Each tile is 28 x 28cm

Want To Know More?

A fun toy and soft play mat all in one, this foam alphabet playmat features 30 large foam tiles that slot together, along with push-out letters and shapes in the centre of each mat. A great way to learn the alphabet, little ones will love sorting the shapes and letters and putting them in the right order, and even making short words. Once the puzzle is complete, the whole thing can be used as a safe foam play area too.

Not suitable for children under 36 months. Colours may vary.