Dinosaur Hopper
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Dinosaur Hopper


Age range: from 12 months
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Hold onto the dinosaur’s horns as he takes you on a bouncing journey!

Features and benefits for ELC Dinosaur Hopper

  • Great for balancing
  • Fun dinosaur design

Want to Know More?

Your little one will love the bouncy dinosaur hopper: hop onto the dinosaur’s back and bounce up and down and all around! This ride-on creature is a great way to get your toddler moving through active play, making it a fun way of getting some exercising and building strength. Play outdoors in the fresh air and race against friends, or guide the dinosaur through obstacle courses.

The dinosaur hopper is a fun way of getting exercise, your little one won’t notice that they’re exercising at all! Great for physical development, and helps to develop physical strength and fitness, as well as inspiring the imagination.

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