Build It Deluxe Set
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Build It Deluxe Set


Age range: from 3 years
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With the brilliant Build It Construction Starter Set, your child can build their own exciting creations with the chunky shapes, nuts, bolts and tools. They can invent whatever they like.

The Build It Construction Starter Set is a real favourite, which offers your child a fantastic amount of building pleasure. This building set is the perfect starting point for your child to enjoy building whatever they want with all the fun pieces. All your child needs is their hands and imagination to make hundreds of unique toys. Your child can build a trolley, truck, dog, robot or wheelbarrow with the Build It Construction Starter Set – or they can invent their own unique designs. The Build It Construction Starter Set has 25 construction pieces, 54 nuts and bolts, a screwdriver and a spanner.

Quick facts:
•Build It Construction Starter Set for inventive building fun
•Over 75 fun pieces to play with
•Comes with screwdriver and spanner
•Your child can build endless fun inventions

Great for your child’s development:
The Build It Construction Starter Set is an inspiring open-ended building toy for your child to enjoy. This toy is fantastic for encouraging your child to think creatively, and for giving them the confidence to try out their own ideas. Your child will develop their problem-solving and thinking skills as they work on their models. Using the screwdriver and spanner on the nuts and bolts is a great way for your child to develop fine motor skills, which are so useful for playing, drawing, dressing and writing later on. Building toys – such as a vehicle or animal – is a fun start to imaginative play. Your child can build a robot dog, then enjoy bringing it to life as they enjoy some rewarding pretend play.

ELC star quality:
We love the Build It Construction Starter Set because it is a classic inspiring building toy that offers your child such rewarding play. This building set puts your child in charge, and because it is so wonderfully open-ended, your child will enjoy coming back to the Build It Construction Starter Set again and again. As they grow, your child can enjoy building more complex constructions, and inventing fun imaginative games to play with them. The combination of fun for little hands and exciting ideas for growing minds makes the Build It Construction Starter Set a really valuable toy, which will last your child for years of rewarding creative building play. Combine with other Build It sets for even more fun.

What you need to know:

Pack contents: Set includes 25 construction pieces, 54 nuts and bolts, a screwdriver and a spanner.

Other toys and accessories available separately.

Safety warning: Not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

Playing tips:

Build a toy
Let’s put the chunky building pieces together. We can use the spanner, or just our hands. We can make a trolley and push toys around in, or build a friendly robot with swivelling eyes.

Big imagination
Let’s build something unique, and use our imagination to make it amazing. We can create a car, dog, dumper or weird dinosaur with a swivelling eye or two! The fun is in building and changing it, whenever we like.

Great for:
Building your own toys
Making new creations every day
Great practice for little hands
Learning to use a tool
Discovering how it works for yourself
Working together with Mum or Dad
Designing your own vehicle – or creature.

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