Big City Superwheels Cars – 20 piece
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Big City Superwheels Cars – 20 piece


Age range: from 3 years

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20 Big City Superwheels Cars: colourful die-cast real-life vehicles for racing and chasing across the floor.

This is a fantastic Big City Superwheels Cars selection of 20 colourful die-cast cars, including sports cars, vans, open-tops and more. These cars are real-life makes, including a Mini, Porsche, and VW Beetle. They are a classic toy for your child to enjoy speeding across the room, zooming down slopes and setting up races across the floor. The Big City Superwheels Cars are easy to take out and about with you, and are also great for playing with the Big City Garage (available separately).

Quick facts:
•Big City Superwheels Cars: 20 die-cast vehicles
•Cool real-life cars to race, chase and crash on the floor
•Classic toys for every child to enjoy
•Great for playing with the Big City Garage (available separately)

Great for your child’s development:
Driving die-cast cars around is a timeless way for your child to play. While they’re enjoying racing, chasing and crashing the cars, your child is also discovering how objects behave. Setting up imaginary car chases, imagining they’re driving the car, or inventing their own tough terrain and obstacle courses is a good way for your child to use their imagination and enjoy pretend play. Setting up rally races or police pursuits with a friend is also a fun way to build social and communication skills.

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