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Big City Garage


Age range: from 3 years
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Vehicles available separately. This fun multi-storey garage has lift, ramps to zoom down and lots of fun sounds.

Early Learning Centre’s brilliantly designed Big City garage is packed with fun features. It is a fantastic inspiration for driving, racing and chasing adventures. Your child can wind up the lift in the play garage, then send a car zooming down the ramps. The cool helipad on top of the toy garage even has realistic helicopter sounds. At the bottom of the multi-storey, there are petrol pumps, a car wash and moveable barriers. The Big City Garage also has lots of room to park and store all your child’s die-cast vehicles. Connects with the Big City Carry Along City, and Big City Spiral Race Ramp for even more fun. Vehicles available separately.

Quick facts:
•3-storey Big City Garage with wind-up lift
•Ramps to zoom down
•Fun sounds to enjoy
•Includes petrol pumps, car wash and helipad too

Great for your child’s development:
Pretending to drive cars around a play garage is great ‘real-world’ pretend play for your child. Adding their own engine noises and creating their own stories is how your child expands their imagination, and also how they begin to understand the world around them. This kind of ‘open-ended’ toy will inspire your child to create their own driving adventures. As your child grows, they can enjoy playing with the Big City Garage with a friend to create stories together, building communication skills and cooperation. Driving and parking are good practice for little hands that will start dressing and writing soon too.

ELC star quality:
We love the Big City Garage because it has everything you could dream of in a garage. The plastic is really strong and durable, made to last for years. The sounds are a great inspiration for your child’s imaginative play, and the design is really exciting and modern. We love the fact that the Big City Garage has lots of room to store your child’s vehicles – helping to keep them off the floor. As your child grows they’ll enjoy it more and more. There’s plenty of room for friends to play together.

What you need to know:

Size: Height 54cm x Width 78cm x Depth 44cm

Safety warning: not suitable for children under 36 months due to small parts.

Playing tips:

Up, down and around
Let’s wind a car up in the lift then see it zoom down the ramps. We can use the petrol pumps and car wash, and drive our cars all around the garage.

Driving adventures
Let’s use the helipad for emergency landings, chase getaway cars around the garage and use the barriers to trap naughty cars.

Great for
Busy driving fun
Enjoying cool sounds
Chasing, parking, washing and filling
Parking and storing all your cars
Great car games with friends.

Battery requirements: 2 x AA Batteries

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