Plastic Easel – Red
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Plastic Easel – Red

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Sturdy double-sided blue plastic easel with wipe-clean chalk-board and white-board, plus tray for materials. Quick to set up, and folds flat for easier storage.

This sturdy blue double-sided plastic easel is perfect for your child’s creative activities. It has a large wipe-clean chalk-board on one side and a large wipe-clean white-board on the other. Your child can use chalks or ELC whiteboard makers on the easel, or you can clip paper on to either side for painting and drawing. The white-board is also magnetic, so it’s ideal for magnetic letters and numbers (sold separately). There is a handy tray underneath the pink Double-sided plastic easel for crayons and paints, and handy clips to hold the paper at the top of the easel. This plastic easel is fun to use for making art both indoors and outside, and great for two children to use at the same time too.

Quick facts:
•Sturdy, durable and easy to clean pink plastic easel
•Double-sided: chalk board and white board
•Sets up quickly, folds flat for easier storage
•Paper clip on each side for holding paper
•Large storage tray below
•Minimal adult assembly

Great for your child’s development:
Making art is a wonderful way for your child to express themselves and interpret how they see the world. Scribbling, drawing and painting help your child learn to think creatively, which is great for school work later on. Using their hands for all kinds of art helps your child gain strength and precision, which are excellent for dressing and writing. Creative expression is also a good way for your child to enjoy positive self-esteem, and creating artwork is enjoyable.

ELC star quality:
We love the blue double-sided plastic easel because it’s such a great space-saver and enables your child to enjoy so many different activities. This easel is sturdy, reliable and very simple to use. The chalkboard and magnetic white board mean your child can enjoy some non-messy art whenever the like. The magnetic surface is ideal for using magnetic numbers and letters. The easel looks so good it will last your child for years as they grow, and they’ll enjoy themselves as they express how they see the world, and enjoy using paints, pens and crayons to make their world more colourful.