Anatomy Lab
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Anatomy Lab

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Age range: 8+ years
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  • What does it feel like to touch a brain? Why not try it out! With Anatomy out of its mind you can find out! Assemble the human skull with all its parts and have fun discovering incredible facts!
  • From the plaster cast to the assembly phase: a game combining the pleasure of building a part of the human body with the thrill of touching and understanding how our skulls are made.
  • A game that tackles a scientific topic in a fun and sparkling way, by transforming the complexity of anatomy into a stimulating and amusing play experience. The chosen materials combine a realistic feeling with safety.
  • All the substances included in the kit are checked and certified to avoid dangerous reactions when coming into contact with skin and eyes.
  • A skull to be assembled, two brain hemispheres, teeth and eyeballs, lots of elements to be touched and handled as if they were real organs, for an ultra-realistic play experience. Follow the adventures of a crazy scientist in an engaging story and learn lots of scientific facts thanks to the illustrated manual.
  • All components and substances in our playsets undergo rigorous controls and tests to certify their quality, for guaranteeing a safe and fun play experience.

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